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Genna Director of Sensari Beuaty
Director and Beauty Therapist
Katy director of Sensari Hair
Director and Hairstylist
O U R   S T O R Y

We would like to introduce ourselves and let you know how Sensari came about. We are Geena and Katy, owners of Sensari, we met in 2018 both working self employed at the same salon. The owner of the salon we worked at decided to move on to the next stage of her business career, but with this it meant we needed new premises to work at, that’s when we got together and began with the idea of opening our very own salon.

This was scary and exciting at the same time, we planned, created many ideas and came up with Sensari Hair and Beauty. What we didn’t plan was to open a salon during a worldwide lockdown in the middle of a pandemic, but that we did and we still enjoyed every minute of creating a luxurious salon for you to enjoy.

Our aim at Sensari is to create a friendly welcoming atmosphere, we want you to feel comfortable with every service provided. We are highly trained at what we do and are always keeping up to date with trends and procedures, we love what we do and hope you love every appointment with us.

Hair Stylist at Sensari Hair & Beauty
Marcelo Hair Technician at Sensari
Hair Cutting Technician
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